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Rights - The latest Rights Catalogue in English you will find here

Am Hinzenbusch 22
52355 Düren
Tel.: +49-24 21-501 889

Foreign Rights:
Dr. Elke Fettweis - Publisher

High Quality Books

Please browse through our programme of high quality book titles. We have a thrilling mixture - most of the books are of our own publications and rights can be sold. We highlight if the rights are already sold.

Our main focus is on picture books for children from age 4 upwards, coloured stories for reading beginners (age 5-8) and illustrated stories from age 6/7 till 13. Unless mentioned all our books are interesting for boys and girls.

On our Website you'll find a button "Leseprobe" with every book. Here you can have a look into the books. If you need more information, please feel free to get in touch.

With these titles reading becomes a real pleasure. They help children to see a new perspective on the world of every day life as well as interesting new worlds. We aim to create books for children (and their parents) that allow the imagination and ideas to blossom.

You can find us at our own stand (Hall 3.0) every year at Frankfurt Book Fair and the Book Fair in Leipzig.